You see, news broadcasts are not-so-much in the business of bringing you news, as in the business of getting you to watch the news. And, would you really tune in every day if they said, “Hey, today millions of people had a normal day, and actually were pretty happy. And John Smith got up one day, and he had his coffee this morning as he read, he kissed his wife, told his kids he loved them, went to work, and guess what?! He made the company a lot of money. He came home
feeling really satisfied that he did a really good day’s job. Then he spent some time with his children, told his wife he loved her. He went to sleep a happy man.”

Many people know that I have recently been trying to learn SEO.

Well after a few months of trying various things and failing I decided to call it a day with trying to learn it myself because I could see that this wasn’t the gold mine that I thought it would be.

So I had basically lost the $2995 because there were just too many people promoting the exact same product and I’m sure at this point they were more experienced in marketing than I was.

Back To Square One.

It was now around February 2009 and after buying various different courses I’d heard a lot of good things about Affiliate Marketing so I decided to try to market affiliate products using a website called ClickBank.

Again I had no luck and didn’t make a single sale.

I spent the next year buying even more courses and training materials trying to learn everything there was to know about Internet Marketing.

By April 2010 I had spent at least $8,000 on Marketing training and I finally felt like all of the pieces of the puzzle were coming together so I decided to give ClickBank another try.

I chose three products to promote as an affiliate by looking at this site here

The first product was a membership site for businesses that allowed them to do background checks on their employees.

The second was a dieting product called The Diet Solution.

And the third product was a personal development product.

By this point I’d been online about a year and a half and I understood a lot more about keywords and how the person typing the keyword into Google can be in a different stage of the whole buying process and you need to focus on particular SEO keywords to find that person.

I think this was one of the things that really helped me find my first success.

So I found three products which I thought had potential, I’d found some pretty decent low competition keywords so now all I had to do was drive some traffic.

At this point in time Google Adwords were getting strict with affiliates and didn’t let you “direct link” to an affiliate program so I started using Yahoo Advertising instead. (It doesn’t exist anymore since they have merged with Microsoft. It’s now Bing Advertising)

So I set up three campaigns and let them run.

The next evening I went to ClickBank to check my account fully expecting to see zero dollars made, but to my surprise I had made $274 (or something similar, it was three years ago so I can’t remember the exact numbers).

I seriously couldn’t believe it. I had to refresh the page in case there was some kind of mistake.

I refreshed the page and the numbers were still there. I immediately unplugged my laptop, put my shoes on and ran down the street to where my girlfriend (now fiancé) was working at the time to show her the good news.

She couldn’t believe it as well.

After a year and a half I finally had some success, and it wasn’t just one sale it was four.

Since then I’ve created 5 of my own products in 5 different niches, literally built hundreds of websites, mastered SEO and ranked countless sites #1 on Google, created membership sites inside and outside of the IM niche and even have my own SEO company.

So where am I now?

Right now I’m engaged to be married next year to my beautiful fiancé, I now have a son, I’m still building and ranking niche sites (but just a lot quicker than before), I’m looking forward to making Surge Wolf the greatest SEO community online, and best of all I work when I want, doing what I want and with who I want.

Now you might be wondering “What about the acting career?”

Well for the last few years it has been on the back burner but I have been thinking about it a lot recently and there is still this feeling inside that feels that I may have given up too easily, so who knows, maybe at some point you’ll see me on the big screen.

So that’s my story.

I hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope you feel like you’ve gotten to know me a little better already.

Now it’s your turn.

I’m interested to hear from you guys so feel free to leave your comments.

How did you find Internet Marketing?

How long before you started making money?

How did you make your first dollar online?

What are your goals for the future?

I look forward to hearing from you.